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Sat, 01 Jan 2022 11:00 hour - Sea Aquarium Bergen aan Zee

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Do you dare to walk under the skeleton of our sperm whale? And then across a bridge with a pond full of piranhas underneath? Dive into the wonderful underwater world of the Sea Aquarium in Bergen aan Zee! Stand eye-to-eye with our seals Selma and Tjark. And discover the most extraordinary fish, sea creatures and shells from all over the world!

In the renewed and expanded Sea Aquarium, more than 300 different species of fish are themed: let yourself be carried through the Amazon jungle past piranhas and creepy reptiles, via the Atlantic Ocean, tropical waters and Mediterranean Sea to the North Sea and discover the most fantastic fish and exciting sea creatures! Marvel at our seahorses, starfish and clownfish, stroke a ray at the Rays Reef and come face to face with sharks, moray eels and poisonous lionfish.

Dive in, discover, experience, admire and marvel! The Sea Aquarium is fun and educational for young and old, in good and bad weather.

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