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Vacation in Medemblik on the IJsselmeer

Medemblik is a tremendously popular destination among tourists thanks to its location on the IJsselmeer. The water provides both action and relaxation. Water sports enthusiasts from all over the world come to Medemblik for sailing and (kite)surfing. Even for a more relaxed day, the IJsselmeer is the place to be. You can rent a boat at our vacation resort and explore the surroundings from the water in a sloop, an electric boat, or a motorboat. Furthermore, you can rent a SUP-board at Supcentre Enkhuizen or enjoy the sandy beach right along the water.

What is there to do in the surroundings of EuroParcs IJsselmeer?

Besides all the fun that the water brings, the surroundings of Medemblik have even more to offer. There are several cities within a short distance where you can engage in all kinds of fun activities.

  • Medemblik (1 km): Old houses, narrow streets, and picturesque facades characterize the beautiful town of Medemblik. In this town, you can step back in time for a while, but it is not boring at all. Visit the Radboud Castle, the late Gothic Boniface Church, or the Radboud City Brewery. Are you traveling with children? Then we would also highly recommend Funfestijn Medemblik. This indoor playground is approximately 1000 m2 and is entirely in a pirate theme.
  • Enkhuizen (13 km): The center of Enkhuizen still exudes the atmosphere of the Golden Age and has many beautiful monumental buildings and fortifications. This makes it the perfect day out for history and culture lovers. In Enkhuizen, you will also find the Zuiderzee Museum, where you can learn all about the history of the IJsselmeer and the future of the area. For the children, we highly recommend the Sprookjeswonderland!

  • Alkmaar (28 km): It goes without saying that Alkmaar is the cheese city of the Netherlands. The cheese market is definitely worth a visit during your vacation. Moreover, the city has a beautiful old center packed with lovely stores, cozy cafes, terraces, and restaurants.

  • Hoorn (14 km): Hoorn also has a beautiful old and cozy center. The city has no less than 300 monumental buildings and magnificent canals. Furthermore, the city has a beautiful harbor, and thus you have the option of visiting the city by boat. Alternatively, you can choose to take the tram engine from Medemblik to Hoorn.

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