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Complete BBQ arrangement 🍖

Do you want to have some barbecue without spending hours in the kitchen? Order the BBQ service before your stay at EuroParcs IJsselmeer and get the BBQ started right away! This complete BBQ package includes BBQ and accessories because it will be delivered to your house!

We offer different menus, so there's something for everyone; meat, fish, and vegetarian, the choice is yours! For children, we have a special Kids BBQ menu, including a fun surprise! Make your vacation complete, and book your delicious and fully catered BBQ package in advance.

In a nutshell:

- Complete and fresh menus for the whole family - Including BBQ, gas tank, and all accessories - Ordering is possible with as few as two people. - We can place your order no later than one day in advance and before 12:00 PM.

Standard with every BBQ order 🥗🥖

BBQ includes a gas tank

- BBQ tongs

- Baguette with Herb Cream

- Salads & Fruit

- Cucumber Salad in cream sauce - Amsterdam Onion Salad - German Potato Salad - Pasta Salad - Olivier salad - Fresh Fruit

- Peaches


- Smokey BBQ sauce - Cocktail Sauce

- Peanut sauce


Kids BBQ Menu 🧒


- Mexican Barbecue Sausage - Grilled Burger - Sweetcorn - Precooked Chicken Skewer - Classic Burger Bun - Fun surprise

Price: €8.50


Vegetarian BBQ Menu


- Bite in to the Future Burger - Sweetcorn - Berloumi Honey Mustard Grilled Cheese - Feel Good Stew with Gravy - Planet Proof Falafel Satay

Price: €15.75


Mediterranean Barbecue Menu (Halal)


- Rosemary Lamb Chop - Merguez Chipolata Sausage Rolls - Fresh Köfte Burger - Marinated Chicken Skewer - Chicken Breast in a Curry Marinade

Price: €15.25


Standard BBQ Menu


- Chicken breast in a Curry Marinade - Texas-Style Fillet Chops - Marinated Chicken Skewer - Mexican Barbecue Sausage - Fresh hamburger

Price: €14.25


See BBQ menu


- Salmon Fillet Lime Dill - Indonesian Ikan Kuning Pangasius - Louisiana-style Shrimp Stew - Red Garlic Cod Fillet

Price: €17.50


Mixed Grill BBQ Menu


- Bacon Bombay - Fresh Hamburger - Merguez Chipolata Sausage Rolls - Marinated Chicken Skewer - Texas-Style Fillet Chops - Chicken Breast in a Curry Marinade

Price: €15.95


Deluxe BBQ Menu


- Crushed Pepper Koegel Beef - Pork tenderloin in Herb Butter - Chorizo Chipolata Sausage - Chicken Duxelle Medallion - Fresh Hamburger

Price: €16.50:


Burgundian BBQ Menu


- Beef Entrecôte Chimichurri (150 grams) - Veal rib eye 4 pepper (150 grams) - Dijon rib chop (150 grams)

Price: € 17.25


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Gourmet at EuroParcs IJsselmeer 🥘

It is also possible to have gourmet meals.

This information will be added to this page soon.

EuroParcs IJsselmeer Gourmet Menu

Standard Gourmet Menu €15.75

Deluxe Gourmet Menu €17.75

Vegetarian Gourmet Menu €17.50

Fish Gourmet Menu €17.95

With the gourmet service, just as with the BBQ service, everything is included, including all utensils such as a gourmet set