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Health resort Noordwijk

  • Boost your vitality
  • Clean air
  • Low pollen content

Discover the spa town of Noordwijk!

In 2020, Noordwijk was awarded the designation of "health resort by the sea". A coastal municipality is declared a spa resort when it has, among other things, the right quality sea water and climate conditions, various wellness possibilities and various sporting, cultural and culinary activities. Duinresorts offers two different holiday parks in Noordwijk where you can stay during your spa vacation.


What makes Noordwijk a spa town?

Healthy air

Thanks to the sea breeze, Noordwijk has a low pollen content, which is positive for the airways. Especially good for people with allergies! In addition, the air humidity is high and it contains a high salt content, which has a positive effect on the lungs and skin. The sun shines on the coast just a little more than in the rest of the country, this stimulates the production of vitamin D.


The seawater of Noordwijk is of good quality, it contains 3% salt and 15% magnesium. This is extremely good for the skin, respiration and immune system. Quality seawater has been used for years as a remedy for eczema, among other things, thanks to its disinfecting effect. If that doesn't invite you to take a refreshing dip


Mindfull activities

Noordwijk is the ideal setting for various mindfull activities; think of yoga on the beach, walking and cycling through the dunes or enjoying a massage. But also a bite to eat with sea view are among the possibilities. These activities help your mind and body to balance and find your inner peace.


Stays in Noordwijk

Noordwijk is a special place with a rich spa history thanks to its relaxed atmosphere and pure climate. This relaxed atmosphere can also be found at our parks near Noordwijk, where you can feel the salty sea air blowing through your hair. The parks in Noordwijk are EuroParcs Noordwijkse Duinen and EuroParcs Parc du Soleil. You can stay here in 2- to 6-person vacation homes at 2 km from the beach. The parks have fine facilities to make your stay as pleasant as possible such as a restaurant, terrace and swimming pool. For the children there is more than enough entertainment in the form of (indoor) playgrounds, sports fields and entertainment during school vacations. Would you like to experience for yourself what effect the clean air and relaxed atmosphere have on your health? Then book a week away to the spa in Noordwijk!